You’re already familiar with #teamThrottleCo from pop-up shops, bike nights and online. Now, we’re getting physical! Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles will be opening a brick and mortar shop in the Central Ohio Area this Spring!

(UPDATE: We will make another announcement when we are prepared and allowed to open to the public!)

We are also priming our showroom to house NEW motorcycles that are a perfect complement to Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles. Stay tuned for THAT update soon! In addition to a new and vintage motorcycle showroom, Throttle Company will offer a full service vintage motorcycle garage. We will have vintage apparel and a full line of retro-inspired apparel, gear and accessories available, as well! 

Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles is more than a vintage motorcycle restoration company, we’re a community in the making. We plan to build a community around the lifestyle of riding and vintage motorcycles. Inclusion, introduction and encouragement- everyone is welcome. Whether you’re “coming back” to vintage motorcycling or you’re new to motorcycling entirely, Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles is here to help!  

Future plans also include workshops, classes, events, and rides. 

Nicole and Dylan, shot by Zach Sanderson

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Nicole, Dylan, and Ken as shot by Zach Sanderson at the Eurobike Night Show 2019

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