Started in 2018, almost on a whim, Throttle Company started as a pop-up t-shirt and keychains business, with a little vintage motorcycling on the side. Dylan and Ken (Dylan’s dad) had been collecting and repairing vintage motorcycles for a few years by the time we decided to make a go at Throttle Company.

That all changed when Dylan and I were offered the opportunity for a small business set up at Easton in 2018. This opportunity was announced in October 2018. We developed our logo, tshirts, keychains and mechanic’s soap…all in about a month, in time for the Easton Po-Up!

Throttle Company didn’t set out to be a t-shirt company, but we DID want to make something that would make us memorable as a pop-up vendor and remind people that we were even a thing. We made cards to tell people we’d “have a shop soon!”

Photo by Sam Antics, from our FIRST EVER pop up shop at Small Business Saturday at Easton, NOV 2018

This coming Saturday 2021 (Small Business Saturday) will be the official 3 YEAR Anniversary of our first ever pop-up shop! We were set up at Easton for a Small Business Saturday vendor booth and, in those 1.5 years between that pop-up shop and our opening July 1st, 2020, we did a few other vendor shows, as well. Still handing out those “We’ll have a shop some day” cards!

Dylan would ride a vintage motorcycle to a vendor opportunity, sometimes in the 29 degree weather of a Festivus Show at 400, and we’d set up selling tshirts and handing out those cards. At our last Pop-Up Shop at Festivus at 400 West Rich, we were thisclose to getting our current building, but we couldn’t announce it officially until several MONTHS later due to uncertainties about our timeline and location.

We appreciate the support we’ve seen from the community as we grow and expand! Be sure to check out our website at, our Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as our Youtube channel!

This has been a look back on Part 1: The Small Business Saturday!

As we approach the anniversaries of the other milestones we’ve experienced in the last 2 years, look out for Part 2: The Announcement and a first look at Mound Street, and Part 3: Expansion! and more!

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  1. We love seeing all the vintage bikes as well as the New Royal Enfield models at our Euro Bike Night events at the Hofbrauhaus. Your customers have brought a youthful enthusiasm and helped to make our gatherings even better. Keep up the good work.

    • We appreciate the comment! We, too, are excited about the expanding audience for both Royal Enfield and motorcycling as a whole!

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