We technically opened the shop the day before yesterday, on July 1.

2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT650 outside by our new OPEN sign. 🙂

We didn’t really make a big hoopla about it for a couple of reasons.

One, we can’t have hordes of people in the store or in the shop at once because of social distancing requirements. And we just KNEW we’d get swamped if everyone and their sister knew we were open for sales and service yesterday. 😉 So, we announced being open to the public to our newsletter subscribers and Facebook community on Saturday. They told a few friends.

1990 Honda GB500 in our retail space.

We also didn’t want to get legitimately overwhelmed on the first day. It’s been a flurry of activity after a lull of waiting on our end.

But, man, are we proud of what we’ve made! We’re not “done,” but you know what they say “perfection is the enemy of done.” And I’ve learned not to be a perfectionist on this venture.

Some of our first visitors to the shop!

I’ve been talking a lot about “we & us.” But Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles is for you.

The showroom, as it was on July 1. It’s probably already different, we’re changing things all the time!

You’ll be able to bring your new-to-you vintage bike to us for a once over and let us help you get it on the road. You can get excited that you’ll finally be able to physically try on a women-owned and designed riding jacket all the way from California (shhh! I’ll officially be announcing who that is soon)! You’ll be able to hang out (socially distanced, of course) in the shade of our outdoor gantry space and talk shop or talk plants or talk whatever strikes your fancy.

We’re into what you’re into. And we made Throttle Company for you, the vintage and Royal Enfield enthusiast. Get started, get going, and start something old.

Come check us out on Facebook, Instagram and our Website to stay the most up-to-date on our goings on. Our newsletter crew got the news FIRST, you can sign up for it here.

Some events of note if you’re not getting our newsletter or following us on social media (you should tho….)

July 10th- Throttle Co @ Farrow HD Downtown Re-Opening House 12-5 (491 West Broad Street)

July 17th- Throttle Co Bike Night @ The Wheelhouse* 6-9

“The Wheelhouse” is just a fancy name for our Phase One situation. We are currently entirely housed in the section of our building that will eventually become just our shop space. For now, we have combined our shop, sales office, showroom and retail space into this one space. We asked for names for the space, and someone suggested it because “we have everything under one roof.” I’ve been work-shopping it, do you like it?!

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations and thanks! I’ll look forward to meeting you all soon.

    1977 Triumph Bonneville
    1978 Kawasaki KZ 650

  2. Congratulations on your arrival in Columbus! I saw your add on the front page of The Columbus Dispatch. I have been hoping that someone would start up a Royal Enfield franchise in this area. I have enjoyed wrenching and riding vintage motorcycles for many years. I am a regular at VMD and am hoping that it will still be held this summer. I just sold my ’72 CB 500K after enjoying it for 24 years. I sold it to a woman who wanted to ride with her husband but on her own motorcycle. I will keep checking your web-sight for hours of operation, and upcoming events.

    • Our current hours are: Wednesday-Friday 12-9, Saturday 10-7, and Sunday 12-6! Our next bike night is (socially-distanced) on August 14th, Friday 6-9.

  3. I can’ believe it Columbus has a VINTAGE Bike Shop !!. I’ve out grown the Plastic and Road Rockets and have graduated to Cafe and its time to get a proper Cycle. Im going to the Throttle Co for my next bike !!!! See you all soon !!

    • We’re happy to be here! We’d love for you to stop by and see our vintage inventory. We have a bike night coming up on August 14th, 6-9, too!

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