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Volume 2, Issue 1: January 2021
THANK YOU for 2020! We are very excited to see what a¬†full year ūüėȬ†of Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles¬† looks like in 2021.¬†¬†Follow us to stay updated on everything we have planned for the upcoming season.¬†
Thanks to everyone who supported us on Facebook and Instagram (see our Instagram “Top Nine” liked photos -by you guys- of 2020 ^^^^^) as well as everyone who came to our events and stopped by the shop.
¬†What’s new for 2021?! We’re excited to continue to expand into the rest of the building for 2021. The shop will be expanded, the show room will get bigger and brighter and the retail selection is going to get a total overhaul.¬†¬†
If you haven’t seen it yet, this is an artistic rendering of the rest of the space. Coming Spring 2021!
Current Spaceexpansion
demo models
Our 2020 Royal Enfield Himalayan DEMO MODEL is for sale and ON sale! Get a RE Himalayan motorcycle with: very low miles, completed 300 mile interval service, reduced PDI, discount on the MSRP 2020. DEMO Himalayan out the door price: $5105.43 (includes tax, title, fees)
SOLD 2020 DEMO Continental GT out the door price: $5,992.30 (includes tax, title, fees)
SOLD 2020 DEMO INT650 out the door price: $5,992.30 (includes tax, title, fees)
Introducing “IN THE LOOP”! 
Subscribe to the Throttle Company YouTube channel and check out “In The Loop | Episode 1 – 1982 Honda CBX”
 Throttle Company gift cards! Looking for a great gift for the motorcyclist on your list all year round?
Don’t know their size or¬† just want them to pick something out themselves?
We get it! 
Do you want to cover their service instead?
Vintage motorcycle inspection: $50 Inspection + Local Pick Up:  $125 *Physical Throttle Company gift cards are RELOADABLE!*
Want to send an e-gift card now? Click here to purchase a digital gift card (no physical card will be sent). Your recipient will receive an email with a code (if you choose to have it sent directly) or you can write the code on your own card!
E-Gift Card
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