We ordered our demo bikes back in February, not a care in the world. However, with the current situation of COVID-19 looming over everyone’s heads, we got our delivery, quite literally, at the 13th hour. Since our permanent location is currently undergoing the final renovations, we had to have the shipment go to a third-party location with a dock height door. Honestly, we didn’t know what kind of vehicle we would be seeing as the semi arrived.

Normally, when we receive “shipped bikes,” they are being man-handled down a short ramp out of our van or unloaded by a semi with a lift gate by a motorcycle shipping company used to delivering to individuals, so a dock height door was never necessary.

Given that we typically buy vintage motorcycles directly from vintage motorcycle owners, I was also surprised by how intense the packaging was! It is definitely an upgrade from our moving blanket routine.

There is a steel frame “crate,” multiple tie downs, an L-shaped bar directly bolted to the underside of the motorcycle, and tons of padding. Rest assured that your new Royal Enfield motorcycle gets fancy treatment on it’s way to the dealership!

For our first demo bike fleet shipment, we chose the Royal Enfield Himalayan, INT650 and Continental GT. We felt like this would provide a wide range of options to test ride and decide which motorcycle you want!

It is one thing to see the color options online and quite another to see them in person when the wrapping comes off. You will definitely want to see these in the showroom, once we’re able to open to the public, of course!

After freeing these iron ponies from their steel cages (I have to make at least one dad joke each post, ok?), they are fully looked over and the finishing touches of assembly are completed.

Remember when I said we got the shipment at the 13th hour? Well, that wasn’t entirely accurate, but we did get the shipment at the 6th or 7th hour and finally got them all ready to make the journey to their NEXT temporary home at the 13th hour. After their final assembly and the clean up of ALL OF THAT PADDING AND PROTECTION MATERIAL, we took them back to our home shop for now as we eagerly await our showroom completion.

Once we have a more accurate date for when we will be able to provide demo rides, we’ll let you know! One way to stay on top of those announcements (and more!) is to follow us on Facebook & Instagram and to sign up for our newsletter. You can even put a PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT on your favorite Royal Enfield motorcycle!

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