If you’re thinking that it could be overwhelming, you’d be right. But it’s certainly the adrenaline inducing kind of experience.
There are rows upon rows of motorcycles and you can see common Hondas next to motorcycles from the wild beginning of motorcycling when they looked more like bicycles with engines attached.

There are a few basic types of people you will see at an auction like this. From vintage showroom collectors to those looking for their next project bike.
We are “riders” somewhere in the middle. We want a motorcycle that looks like it’s roadworthy or close to it, but still with that vintage flair! For us, this is the biggest motorcycle show, plus everything is for sale and you can touch and sit on the bikes!

We’re excited about the three bikes that we got from the auction! We got a Kawasaki, and two Hondas.

Write up and photos by Dylan.


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