Dylan, Nicole and Ken, co-owners of Throttle Company

Dylan spends most of his days in the garage working on motorcycles. He loves riding and tries to ride as often and as late into the season as possible.

He is what the kids call a “maker” and has spent most of his life making and fixing things. He used to run a fabrication company, ReFab Studio, where he made a staggering range of things from technology heavy interactive museum exhibits to high end custom signage.

He loves all types of motorcycles and motorcycle related events especially Fuel Cleveland, Ama Vintage Days, and attends the Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas every year with his father.

Attending these and other events has ignited a passion in Dylan to strengthen the local community in Columbus, Ohio for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

Nicole likes long sunset rides in the country and planning routes that end with pizza. Seriously, that’s pretty much it! 

Oh, and maybe photography and reading motorcycle manuals from cover to cover. 

She is also interested in helping other like minded vintage enthusiasts find properly fitting and stylish classic apparel and gear while joining a community of motorcyclists who share an interest in vintage and restored motors. 

Having bought her first bike, a 1975 Honda CB360T, in July 2018 she has officially rounded out her first full riding season this year by attending as many motorcycle events as possible!

Updated: 3/26/2020 Ken has been a lifelong rider, beginning in 1972. He owns over 15 motorcycles, ranging from 1960’s Triumphs and 70s-80s Hondas to several later model Harley Davidson motorcycles.


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