With support from motorcycle companies like Low Brow Customs, Old Bike Barn, and The Gas Box, you can go into a motorcycle show expecting a good time. However, when it comes to the good times had at Fuel Cleveland 2018, I would have expected to have to PAY. That’s right, FUEL Cleveland is a FREE show in the Ingenuity Fest building. Aimed at “lovers of antique modes of two-wheeled transportation, an invitational show featuring owners of rare bikes, painters, photographers, and motorcycle builders,” this show definitely offers a lot for that free ticket price.

Top, middle- even show Triumphs need a pan. Left- bikes to be seen everywhere! Bottom, middle- curated show bikes inside. Right- hand painted helmets on display inside.

When we arrived, we noticed lots of cars parked along the otherwise empty warehouse lined streets. We must have arrived on the “wrong side” of the show, but when we walked around the back, there were HUNDREDS of bikes of attendees that rode into the show. It was almost like attending two different shows, both for free. Inside, there was a moto-themed art show, curated show bikes, and vendors. Outside, there were rows upon rows of ride-ins to gawk at as well!

Top, left- detail of bikes lined up outside. Left, rows of displayed tanks. Middle- Honda bike ridden in. Top, right- curated show bikes inside. Bottom, right- rows upon rows of bikes ridden in by attendees.

What was most surprising thing was, the attendees organized themselves outside. Long, neat-ish rows of bikes could be found in the warehouse yard and along the streets, each rider giving appropriate space for the next. For as many people as were there, it was just a really well put together show.

Left- HD XR900 curated show bike. Middle- detail of bike ridden in by attendees. Right- rows of ride ins.

The inside, curated show included painted helmets, moto-related photography, rare and custom bikes, as well as moto-related vendors. There was even a tintype photographer set up to get your vintage portrait taken.

We are definitely looking forward to next year’s show, which is moving to a larger venue! Even with the venue upgrade, the show organizers still promise that the show is FREE for attendees. You really have no reason to miss this one!

Article and photos by Nicole

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