The “Becoming a Rider Meet Up Series” has begun! The first session, “Getting your license” has concluded, but don’t worry! You can still get the information by looking below, stopping by the shop to ask questions, or going to the website.

If you missed the first session (January 18th, 2024), you can still attend the rest of the sessions! If you need help catching up, email or stopping by the shop at 1130 West Mound Street. Nicole would be happy to help you out.

The NEXT Meet Up is February 21st, 2024 at Throttle Company.

We will be going over: What type of rider will you be? Further discussion about gear and luggage (depending on your riding interests), safety discussions, how to shop for a motorcycle!

Meet Up Session #1 “How to get your license” RECAP:

How do I get my motorcycle license in the State of Ohio? Motorcycle License=”Endorsement”

  1. Get your TIPIC (Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card)  

Ohio BMV Page with TIPIC instructions.

The TIPIC is valid for one year from the date of purchase. If it expires, you must start over. But you can renew your “temps,” if needed as well.


Carry the TIPIC at all times when operating a motorcycle or motor scooter

  • May ride during daylight hours only
  • No passengers
  • No riding on interstates or congested roads
  • Must wear a helmet and protective eyewear

Ohio Motorcycle Operators Manual

  1. You can take a direct road test at select BMV locations, without taking the class. You must provide your own motorcycle for this test, but it is taken on an off-street course. 

  1. You can sign up for a course where you take the license test at the end of the class (recommended). At the successful end of the course, you get a course completion certificate that waives the skills testing requirement for 60 days. The class through the state costs about $50. Private providers may cost more. 

Class registration website.

NOTE: The course registration opens Jan 23, 2024 at 9:00AM. These courses fill quickly! It is recommended that you schedule a class as soon as   you know your schedule. 

In the Meet Up Session #1, we went over the basics of what you need to take the course and beyond, detailed below. We discussed the options for “cheap” gear for the classes versus investing in medium to upper costing gear to get you through the class and last you a while on the road once you get your license. If you have questions about gear specifically, let us know. We’d love to help!”

Proper Riding Gear for your Motorcycle Ohio training course and BEYOND!

DOT-Approved helmet: The DOR standard is a good starting point and is at LEAST the minimum level of protection your helmet should have. Additionally, ECE is an additional European standard. And offers a higher level of protection and on-going testing. 

Eye Protection: You can use your helmet shield or goggles. You can also use sunglasses or Rx glasses for the class. However, glasses alone are not recommended for regular riding on the street (if your helmet doesn’t have a shield).

Full Finger Gloves: Fingerless gloves are not allowed in the class. Jersey gloves are fine for the class, but not recommended for riding on the street. Avoid bulky gloves, dexterity is important!

Long Pants: Jeans or other sturdy material. No leggings (unless riding specific leggings) or athletic wear allowed in the class nor recommended for riding. For the class, your pants should reach past the tops of your footwear at your ankle. Riding specific pants with armor and/or specific material is recommended for riding on the street. 

Long Sleeved Shirt: Sleeves should reach the tops of your gloves with your arms stretched in front of you. For the class, a flannel or long sleeved shirt is acceptable, but not sufficient for riding on the street. A riding jacket, shirt or hoodie with special fabric and/or armor is recommended. 

Footwear: Sturdy over the ankle footwear is required for the course. Ankles MUST be covered during the class. Low heel preferred and riding specific footwear is recommended for riding on the street.

*IF you arrive to the class without the proper riding gear, you will be dismissed from the class and you lose your spot and your payment.* SOME locations have loaner helmets, however it is still recommended that you have your own for proper fitment. for more details. 


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