Volume 2, Issue 8 August 3, 2021

Only events labeled “Throttle” are hosted by Throttle Company. All other events are hosted by others. Be sure to check out their Facebook events for details. ReasonsToRide.com for tickets to the Ride for Rhinos event. 

Blue Beige Modern Occult Tarot Reading Business Halloween Invitation
For our Friday The 13th August Bike Night, the first 20 people will get a free mini-poster!

WHEELIE WEEKEND, August 27-29th!

Throttle Co. Wheelie Weekend is back! 
Get a FREE Graeter’s Chip Wheelie Icecream sandwich when you ride in to visit Augsut 27th-29th during the Throttle Co. Wheelie Weekend!We’ll have “Ride Motorcycles, Eat Icecream” patches back INSTOCK for $7 as well!
Do you have a minute? Nicole has a question!We’re scouting for brands and we think you might have an opinion!If you have a minute, fill out this 2 minute survey to help us check out some new brands for the Throttle Shop!

Check it out!

IN THE LOOP Ep 132021 Meteor!Episode 13 of IN THE LOOP premieres August 4th at 3:00pm. 
You should also watch, or rewatch, the Scrambler Build, Episode 1. We’ve got some exciting updates coming soon on Dylan’s INT650 Scrambler Build!
Do you have a deposit on a Meteor (or any Royal Enfield) with Throttle Company? 
We appreciate your patience as we continue to order and receive Meteor (and other RE) Units! We will contact you directly when your pre-ordered unit arrives and becomes available after the required initial check ins.Feel free to stop by to take a ride on one of our demo units in the mean time! We will continue to provide updates as we receive them directly from Royal Enfield. 
Meteor arrival
Ready to test ride the Meteor!?We’ve got one ready to demo for you to decide if the all new Meteor is your next bike!Click this link to schedule a test rideor stop by the shop whenever we’re open (Wed-Friday 12-9, Saturday 10-7 or Sunday 12-6) to check it out!

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  1. You guys got a lift to get an old man’s new bike in the truck? I’ll strap it down😁. Since you have Sunday hours, I should see you this Saturday or Sunday (it depends on the ride) I’ll need a couple medium Tee’s too if you have them in stock. Thank

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